Monday, January 16, 2017

What Are the Best Types of Window Blinds?

Window blinds throw a whole new perspective at the way we look at home décor. Pull the strings to catch a glimpse of the colorful world beyond the sleek contours of a pair of blinds. Window among the most fascinating home essentials, which define an affluent lifestyle. From pleated panels to roller blinds, from chic wooden panels, to coruscating roman shades, window blinds have the ability to grant your rooms a plush texture and a sombre character that other home draperies cannot. Besides, they are quite durable and low-maintenance compared to any other form of curtains.
Window blinds ensure you let in just the right amount of sunlight and heat into your room. They’re available in highly customized versions, suiting your taste in home décor. If you wish, you can even change the blinds once they are worn out, faded or you feel like installing an upgraded style. At South West Awnings Sydney, you get an eclectic range of colorful window awnings and blinds to choose from, which can be installed in windows of all shapes and sizes, giving you absolute protection from heat and dust, while maintaining full privacy. They are equipped with cords, handles, remotes or switches, pulled across either horizontally or vertically.
You can put blinds on French windows, patios, doors, decks, or use then as room dividers hanging from the ceiling. Window blinds are easy to clean; whether they are made of fabric, metal, wood or PVC. To explore more about the different qualities of blinds, let’s take a look at some of the coolest types -
1) Roman Blinds-
At South West Awnings Sydney, you get a wide variety of roman blinds. These types of blinds are suitable for any room and give a chic look to your interiors. Available in different fabrics and designs, these create an elegant, luxurious vibe across the room. They blend with the décor flawlessly, striking a cool and soft appeal. Roman blinds can even be detached from the windows and cleaned. You can visit the store and select any Roman shade fitting your wall color or décor and fix an installation.
2. Roller Shades-
Roller blinds are a smooth economical solution for places for any type of window space. They are convenient to use and can be rolled up and down depending on utility. Roller blinds are available in fabric, PVC, black out and perforated styles, depending on your needs. They are extremely energy efficient and low maintenance.
3. Honeycomb or Cellular Shades-
Honey comb or cellular shades are made of diamond shaped durable cloths with two layers. They have twin options of rolling bottom-up or top-down. They do not let much light diffuse through, and insulate the room to a great extent. They accentuate your interiors with their flamboyant designs and textures.
4. Solar Blinds-
Solar blinds let you enjoy a pleasant outdoor view, while blocking the sunlight at the same time. They are designed with dual smart tech control for summer/winter. In summers, they keep the cool air in with high insulation. They reflect heat and UV rays as well, protecting your home from damage. While in winters, they prevent cold air infiltration, reduce heat loss and convert the external sunlight into internal heat.
5. Blackout Shades
These blinds are suitable for interiors where you demand privacy. They are only minimally transparent and bring a cool and cozy appeal to the room. Block out the bad external vibes, creating an instant, spontaneous energy inside the room.
6. Venetian Blinds-
This style of blind is a versatile choice and can be used in every room. You can flex and adjust the slats to let in as much light as you want. You can even bask in the glow of the sun, by pulling them up completely. They can be fixed to windows of any size, giving you excellent value for money.
7. Vertical Blinds
These are suitable choices for wide windows or long patio doors. They can be pulled aside to get a magnificent outdoor view and the slats can also be adjusted to different angles to let the light in. They are low maintenance, easy to clean and an excellent replacement for long patio drapes, saving exorbitant costs on your furnishings.
8. Aluminium Blinds
The biggest advantage of aluminium blinds is that they are long lasting and easy to clean. You can use them at places where you need to control external light to a great extent. They are durable and have a smooth glitzy finish, which is easy to maintain with a normal soft cloth or brush. They prevent heat and light from getting into your homes, saving huge electricity bills.
There are several pros and cons you need to consider before you go out to select the perfect blind for your interiors. Depending on your convenience, budget and taste for home décor, you can select window blinds made from any material and experience the true value of comfort living. To buy your window awnings or blinds, get in touch with your local dealer, who will guide to choose the best brand and help you with all installation and maintenance requirements. You can get all this at a comfortable price, fully guaranteed for prolonged use.

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