Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cover Your Roof System with Retractable Sun Roof

Relaxing in the sunlight can be enriching, but if you want just the right amount of sunlight to seep through, then switch to a retractable roof system, the ultimate outdoor experience at the click of a button! These roof systems lend you protection from all the natural elements like sunlight, wind, rain and snow, and also ensure a lavish outdoor experience. They give shade to the quaint plant life in the garden and protect your patio furniture and décor from getting tarnished. The retractable roof system is an ideal way to upgrade your homes, courtyards, commercial buildings and restaurants to look classier.
Designed with a long list of features and made from high-grade aluminium and stainless steel frames fixtures, South West retractable roof systems give you an outdoor feel with all the indoor elements. These roof systems are always fixed in position, with a high tension self-adjusting motor drive unit, allowing just the right amount of slide.
Retractable sunroofs provide an all in one solution for heat, rain and light control, whilst adding architectural flair to your building. You can simply press the remote to extend and retract the roof system to your preferred position. Unlike conventional roofing systems, retractable sun roofs will not confine your available or produce a greenhouse effect.
Functional Parameters-
Retractable roofs are also used as large cover ups for sports arenas like stadiums, tennis courts and parking lots, to maintain the natural environment of the play area and create the perfect live experience.
A retractable sun roof normally comprises of a single continuous water proof membrane or panel, which can withstand wind speeds of up to 90km/hr.
Whether you need to chill out with your friends over the poolside or have an impromptu jam session, retractable roof systems let you live life king size!
These roofs provide lot of functionality, as well as dimensional and mechanical resistance for long-lasting usage.
They are available in a wide range of exclusive high tension fabrics which are anti-wicking and capillary resistant to provide protection against harsh UV rays. Retractable roofs can also be installed inside homes if you want a sparkle of skylight in your dining area, bedroom or living room, creating an architectural marvel of sorts.
They come in different shapes and sizes like flat, ridge, barrel and dome shaped, depending on the taste of the customer. Retractable roofs have formed the crowns of some of the most brilliant architectural marvels around the world. Larger the space, greater is the innovative capability for retractable roofs.
Building a roof system is not just about protection from external agents. It is also about that fresh, airy feeling, which the customers don’t want to feel devoid of, or simply, don’t want to feel suffocated.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the design and functionality of different retractable roof systems-

These type of large retractable roof structures are made of light membranes and are generally convenient for large stadiums, courtyards, galleries and tennis courts. This type of roof covers a huge open-air area, where relatively little storage space is required when the roof is open. These membranes beautifully curl up like flower petals when folded.

  1. Folding Panel Roofs-They are a great option for providing shade in open-air spaces, while the air can still circulate freely. Furthermore, the folded panels can be incorporated into buildings as an element of design.

  1. Stiff Segment roofs-
A robust, reliable system which is generally supported by rails. Large segments slide over one another to cover open areas, simulating a permanent roof. This system is, for example, suitable for long and narrow courtyards.

Support System-
The retractable roofs are based on a mechanised support system, which is a frame on which the panel, membrane or segmented roof moves.

  1. Cable-Supported Roofs-
These are roofs supported by cables which moves the membranes in sliding carriages with cables. This structure is largely used in stadiums and open air auditoriums, where people can enjoy a skyline and soak in the spirit of a live sports event or a musical performance.

  1. Rail-supported Roofs-
This type of retractable roof system is used when the roofs are large and heavy, and are carried in bogies with supported rails.

Retractable roof systems have huge benefits for places with unpredictable weathers. This is when you realize that retractable roof systems are a supreme luxury.

Retractable sun roofs can ensure public safety and comfort anywhere and anytime, irrespective of the weather and climate. It doesn’t interfere with your outdoor entertainment experience and adds a dash of excitement to your lifestyle, whether it’s commercial or personal. The retractable roof systems can also bring huge energy savings and reduce your electricity bills, depending upon the styles and materials used for construction.

They can be built both as enclosures and sun roofs and can be designed in the manner of your convenience. You can find retractable sun roofs which are fully retractable, 1/3rd retractable or even 3/4th retractable. Most of the retractable roof systems are operated through remote control wireless systems, with special inbuilt channels for rainwater drainage.
If you want to lounge across a secure and refreshing outdoor area, then check out some of the benefits of retractable roofs-
  1. Versatile shade solution-
They are an ideal shade solution during summers and winters. They can be rolled in and out to enjoy the starlit sky or the cool shade in summers. Also, they can be adjusted just to let the right amount of sunlight through the roof.
  1. Complete rain protection-
These roof systems are 100 % water proof with inbuilt drainage systems to release excess water.
  1. Expands your living areas-
Retractable roof systems can extend the indoor living area, creating a seamless flow between the color scheme and décor of both.
  1. Convenient electronic operation-
These roof systems can include integrated motorised control systems with wind and sun sensors, which let you control them at the click of a button.
  1. Durability-
Retractable roof systems are built with highly resistant materials like powder coated aluminium, stainless steel and weather proof fabrics to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Retractable roof systems transform your outdoor living experience to a grand and elegant one. They add everything from customer comfort, to luxury and safety.
To buy your retractable awnings, get in touch with your local dealer, who will guide you to choose the best brand and help you with all installation and maintenance requirements. You can get all this at a comfortable price, fully guaranteed for prolonged use.

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